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Everylash Lash Applicator *Online Exclusive*

Everylash Lash Applicator *Online Exclusive*

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Everylash Lash Applicator

Use our stainless steel rose gold applicator to place lashes securely on dried liner.  

  • Apply Liner: Apply Magnetic Eyeliner Along Your Eyelash Line And Let Dry For Two Minutes. Test Dryness With The Top Of Your Finger Before Moving On To The Next Step.
  • Apply Lash: Use The Everylash Applicator To Place The Magnetic Lash Along The Lash Line And Ensure The Lash Is Secured Across The Entire Lash Line.
  • Instant Results: Your Lashes Are Ready For Every Occasion. Want To Switch Out Your Lashes For A Different Style? Simple! Use The Applicator To Slowly Peel Off The Current Lash And Repeat Step 2 With The New One. 
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